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Children's Miracle

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Children’s Miracle Network has grown dramatically since its founding in 1983 from a televised fundraiser in a small studio to one of the North America’s leading children’s charities. The organization was founded by Marie Osmond and her family as well as John Schneider, Mick Shannon and Joe Lake and it set out with two simple goals:

  1. Help as many children as possible by raising funds for children’s hospitals.

  2. Keep funds in the community in which they were raised to help local children.

In 30 years, Children’s Miracle Network has raised $4.7 billion, most of it $1 at a time. But the need is ever-present. Right now there’s a Children’s Miracle Network member hospital working to save the lives of kids in your community. In fact, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute — that's one child every second. Some are battling cancer. Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others require constant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic disease.

Regardless of why the kids are there, Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals always have their doors open. Our Network includes 170 hospitals that provide world-class care for every patient.

Why We Need Your Help

Each year, your generosity allows us to affect millions of lives. Our Miracle Balloon is the symbol of hope and healing, and can be found at dozens of retailers nationwide — with each donation staying 100% local. Children’s Miracle Network could not operate without your financial contribution, your volunteerism and your willingness to spread the word about the incredible kids we serve.

Children’s Miracle Network makes it easy for you to help kids in your own community. With the support of hundreds of TV stations, radio stations and corporate partners, there’s always a way for you to give to your local Children’s Miracle Network member hospital. You can pledge a donation when listening to a Radiothon, or give $1 when you see our Miracle Balloon icon at a nearby retailer. You can even play games at home while raising funds.

Click here to support the Children’s Miracle Network member hospital near you. And check back for news and updates as we celebrate 30 years of making miracles.



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