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Ben is a happy, fun-loving boy with a great sense of humour who happens to need regular medication, check-ups, blood work and scans — all of which he accepts with little complaint.

During a pre-natal ultrasound before Ben was born, his parents learned he had kidney problems and may not survive the pregnancy. Fortunately, he did make it 34 weeks in utero, started dialysis shortly after birth and was able to receive a kidney transplant from his dad.

In many ways, Ben is mature beyond his years; he is very sensitive and has always been caring and empathetic to those around him. Ben spends most of his free time playing with his younger brother, Rylen. In the summer they ride bikes, play in their fort and run around with neighbourhood friends. In the winter they drive toy cars, play superheroes and plan trips. Both Ben and Rylen also love their baby sister and enjoy making her laugh.

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Funds from Children’s Miracle Network help The Stollery Children’s Hospital offer a wide array of specialized acute services, such as nephrology, so kids like Ben have the best care possible.

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