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From March 18-20, we are asking all of Canada to join us in supporting the 2017 Champions presented by Walmart Canada. These 13 kids were chosen to represent the 4,900 patients treated at children’s hospitals in Canada each day, and embody many characteristics we all admire including bravery, perseverance, generosity and compassion. We need YOUR help to show these kids how amazing they are. To help, visit this website  to blow up a yellow balloon. Help us fill the room to show these kids how much Canada stands behind them!

With the help of J. Walter Thompson,  a Toronto-based creative agency, we have a live stream where you can watch the balloon machine inflate in real time. Then, you can see how many balloons your fellow Canadians have inflated to show their support.

And with your help, we can create an unforgettable experience for these kids and their families.

The Kids

This year’s Champions have dealt with many medical challenges, including leukemia, traumatic injury, heart defects, and premature birth. They represent the many illnesses and injuries that are treated at children’s hospitals, and all have their own unique stories to share. They will be featured on our social media channels for the next week while we tour Ottawa. Then on Tuesday, we will be travelling down to Orlando to join the U.S. Champions at the annual Momentum event. Stay tuned to see what our Champions get up to!