Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® corporate campaigns build national programs with local impact. Customized partnerships leverage an investment in corporate social responsibility through customer, employee and community engagement.


Powerful customer engagement programs are built through register campaigns. CMN Hospitals is the industry expert and assists partners through every step of the process.

60% of customers feel more positively about the retailer after giving at register. This is a better brand investment than many traditional digital marketing tactics.

1 in 2 customers like being asked at the register to give.*

*Catalyst revelations at the register study, 2016


Build a strong marketing differentiator from competitors by donating a portion of net proceeds from a single product or service line.

87% of millennials will purchase a product with a social benefit, and 82% will tell other in their networks about it.1

Consumers state they have a more positive image (93%), are more likely to trust (90%) and are more loyal to (88%) companies that support social issues.2

1 The 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study

2 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study


Increase store traffic and highlight specific products or services in a meaningful way. Whether tied to a holiday, company milestone or other event, CMN Hospitals collaborates to create fundraising and awareness events.

82% of consumers consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding what to buy and where to shop.*

*The 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study




300 Million Raised in 2016

Raised in 2016



20 Years Average Partnerships




30 Thousand Fundraising Locations


Panda Resaurant

“Our Panda Cares mission is to foster the spirit of giving at Panda Restaurant Group by serving the health and education needs of underserved children. Partnering with an organization like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, who is aligned with our mission has been an inspiring experience for Panda Restaurant Group because it gives our associates the opportunity to give back and make a difference in the communities they serve—helping guests, neighbors, friends and family during difficult times.”

Dr. Peggy Cherng, co-chair and co-chief executive officer of Panda Restaurant Group

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